Make a Movie for the Planet!

The 2019 Conference Committee invites you to submit a 20 second video about the key themes of the conference.

The videos will be used for promoting the 2019 AAEE conference. They will also be shown at the conference. Here’s what we are after:

You, your friends, your family saying in a few words how or why they contribute to Sustainability though their Learning or Citizenship or Activism.

  • What are the ways you are active for nature?
  • What does it mean to be an active citizen? Tell us of something you did.
  • What does activism for sustainability mean to you?
  • Are you active by nature?

If you want to make more than one point, then make another video. No limit to how many, but they must be no longer than 20 seconds each.

Every entry gets a ticket in a raffle. And we’ll be asking people to vote for their favourite. The top 10 will get prizes! Have a look now for inspiration!

Upload your videos to Youtube – Vimeo – Dailymotion – Facebook – Instagram and then place a link on (HINT: If given the option say NO to HD to keep your video quick to load.)

Problems uploading your video? Get in touch and we will make sure you get your 20 seconds of fame:

Get filming! Make a movie for the Planet!